ROCKETLOGOtoEDITTransparent-03-03Welcome to the new Rocketship Content website. It’s been a labour of love, but we got here in the end. And of course, with a new website comes a new blog and whole host of things to talk about. From guides and in depth analysis to news and announcements, we’ll be using these pages in the coming months and years, not only to tell you what’s going on in our world, but to keep you up to date on all the goings on in the world of digital marketing.

In 2015 we’ve continued to see the rise of mobile and social media marketing and we’ve witnessed Google’s surprise announcement that it is to rebrand itself as Alphabet, splitting off the search engine arm of its business. Perhaps most importantly for us here at Rocketship though is the demand for great content continues to grow with many businesses struggling to produce a steady flow of quality copy in-house. As Google’s algorithms continue to get better at spotting thin, irrelevant or just plain boring content, this need to stand out and get noticed is becoming ever more pressing.

In other words, if your business or brand isn’t acting more like a publisher then it could be high time you started thinking seriously about why not.