About us

Founding Principles


Rocketship is founded on the principle that successful content marketing is about understanding who you want to be talking to, as much as it is what you are going to say. It’s the reason we apply such journalistic rigour to our research, so we can get a real insight into your industry and your marketplace, as well as your business. By doing this we can then begin to establish an idea of what interests and motivates your potential customers.

At Rocketship we’ll make it our mission to establish you and your company as experts in your field and the go-to source for practical, informative, surprising and even inspiring content. Creating a regular stream of valuable shareable content in this way will not only help with your website’s SEO, but draw people towards your online brand assets such as your website and social media followings.

Our ability to reach out to online publishers and get your content in front of key audiences means we can also project your presence across the web into the online spaces that your customers frequent.

Many businesses have woken up to the power of content marketing to foster longer lasting and more fruitful relationships between business and customer. These relationships aren’t based on sales pitches and invasive advertising, but in offering consumers something far more valuable and dependable. By driving brand awareness in this way, we can help your potential customers take those first steps down the purchasing journey towards your company’s products or services.

Bristol Content Marketing


Joe Cox has been a freelance copywriter and marketing consultant, working with clients in and around the Bristol area, since 2011. In that time he has produced copy for a range of industry sectors, from law to artificial lawns, insurance to business communications.

A keen writer and blogger since his university days with a background working as a financial analyst, Joe has been able to approach the marketing industry with an instinctive love of storytelling that belies a keen eye for process development and data analysis. This experience has allowed him to create convincing, compelling and often imaginative content, whilst always appreciating the need to measure and evaluate.

After spending an increasingly large amount of his time providing a marketing consultancy service for other agencies, Joe formed Rocketship in 2015 with the intention of developing a full service content marketing agency of his own. In this time he has built up a client base that spans many diverse sectors, whilst continuing to work closely with a handful of other local agencies on a whitelabel basis. Since founding the company Joe has also established a select team of talented freelancers, across a range of disciplines, that he works regularly with.